Diesel Engine Parts traceability

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Diesel Engine Parts traceability

Production Challenge
A manufacturer was required to ensure traceability of each diesel engine part.

Solution and Benefit
By placing a Direct Part Mark (DPM) at the beginning of the manufacturing process. The code is read after every critical step of the production process. Cognex DataMan 8000 barcode reader was introduced to read the part before and after every production step. A reliable reader was required since many of these steps degrade the mark and the mark color may change after metal thermal processes. By doing so, the supplier prevents missing steps of the productions and measures the performance of the line workers.

Plastic part traceability on bumper

plastic-bumperProduction Challenge
A manufacturer was required to read molded 2D codes on plastic automotive bumpers. 

Solution and Benefit
By placing a Direct Part Mark (DPM) at the plastic automotive bumpers. Ensuring the correct bumper is shipped to the final customer, from the information encrypted into the 2D code. Cognex DataMan 8000 creates contrast using Ultralight between the code and its background. ID Max decodes the code molded into the plastic.


Dot Peen on Diesel Tanks

cognex dataman 8500Production Challenge
A manufacturer was required to read the codes on shiny and round diesel particulate filter tank on truck. 

Solution and Benefit
2D code replacing paper label was introduced because 2D is more permanent, reliable marking method. The 2D code marked by dot peen on incoming parts to confirm receipt at assembly station. By having DataMan 8000, the manufacturer has the most reliable handheld reader tested on challenging shiny and round target.

DataMan 8000 Series

cognex dataman 8000
This series set the industry standard for reading 2D Direct Part Mark (DPM) codes for part traceability. It features IDMax code reading software technology and UltraLight illumination that provides optimal lighting (bright field, dark field and diffuse lighting) for all material types and surfaces.